About Alexander Balanoff - Web Designer

Thanks for looking into my website.

What an amazing industry I've managed to end up in!

I have been professionally involved with the digital world for nearly 10 years now. It has been an amazing journey and always a challenging learning curve. The web design industry is always emerging with new and modern technologies which pushes designers like myself to upskill all the time!

I started up a web business in Auckland, New Zealand at the beginning of 2006. We called this web design studio Ardent. Wow, a designer's dream; phone ringing, projects coming in, pipe-line nearly full - living the dream! Then in 2008 - major recession hits New Zealand and wipes out a whole bunch of businesses! My self-transofrmation went from being a web designer to a sales person cold-calling, agressive marketing, and biting my tongue in order to secure web projects...

Adobe Flash - I really hate you! I spent years studying you and Actionscript programming and you get made redundant...

Along my journey, I've met some really creative web designers, talented web developer, experienced businessmen, and 'crazy' conceptual strategists, which I've grown my knowledge bank. I've learnt a lot from owning and running my own business, I believe this has been the most rewarding learning experience. A web designer simply cannot study at an university.

Life is always full of surprises and challenges, it's about enjoying the journey and adapting to change!

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