CMS Integration

image of CMS Integration

In the online environment, the dynamics of content is just as important as the dynamic of money. If a company does not have the possibility to update the content, especially the details about the products and services they sell, than the respective company will surely have problems in this competitive world. If you want to add content easily on your website without major risks and with a minimum of effort, CMS Integration was invented. Our company offers such services by creating a graphic interface for you that will allow you to modify each component of the website independently.

CMS Integration creates an automatic method to add content, which makes it easy for the site owner to add and publish content. The basic functionality of a CMS is to administrate the content for the whole creation process of the website, from creation to online publication. A standard CMS system separates the graphical interface from the content; therefore, the user has an interface at his disposal to add articles, photos and videos without altering the content of the website.

Our company is able to synchronize all the interfaces of the website, offering solutions for access to the pages of the website. We offer CMS Integration and management solutions to our clients, which helps the management of the content for our clients. This solution helps our clients to create, distribute and administrate the whole content with an interface, which is easy to use.

Our company uses open-source applications or paid solutions, considering the requests of the project. Open Source defines a large and generic term that refers to the software license, making the source code available for third parties, with minimum copyright restrictions. This technology is generally available for any person that needs it. In case you want this kind of CMS Integration, the cost will be smaller, but the most reliable CMS solutions are the paid ones.

The main benefits of a website with an administration panel come from the unlimited number of possibilities you have:

  1. Live actualization of content – a new product, a modification of the test, news, and any other detail that must be added on the website fast
  2. Total control on the base elements of the website, and SEO optimization – all the important parameters for search engines are easily modified
  3. Photo management – the administrating interface is easy to use for the images of the photo gallery, as the system allows you to adjust the images and to optimize them
  4. Administration of the section from the menu and sub-menu
  5. Special section for banners for partners and clients
  6. The possibility to add new functions – for example, you might want a top 10 of the commercialized products, and the possibility to order those manually.

Those might seem like simple tasks, but they are not available with the base platform. With our CMS Integration service, you can have all those facilities at your disposal in the shortest time possible, making your site the simplest tool that will increase the efficiency and popularity of your business.