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Let’s see an example that would show the efficiency of Email Marketing, as from this example, you will see why our company can be really effective for your business, and how we can optimize the activity of companies from any niche.

This example is about Email Marketing for Event Organizing Companies, but we can offer the same services for a large number of companies, such as Restaurants, Consultancy, Franchises, Health, HR, Real Estate, Tourism, Online Stores, Sports, and even for Religious organizations.

Through Email Marketing, we can offer you the next services:

Techniques used by our Email Marketing specialists to collect the addresses WITH THE PERMISION of the owners. We state this aspect, as the permission of an email owner means that the mail will be delivered directly in the inbox of the owner, as the message won’t be considered spam by the e-mail’s filters:

Expected results:

The difference between Email Marketing and spam

Many owners of companies are afraid of Email Marketing, thinking that this service is actually spam, and that the image of the company will be affected because of using such undesired practices. This is a false statement. We offer professional marketing that is based on messages and mails sent to people that expressed their consent about receiving those mails. Moreover, as we have complete details about the respective person, we will make sure that your messages will only be delivered to people that are really interested in your offers. In our example, if you want to promote a heavy metal concert, we will send the mails only to people that are interested about events of this kind, not to some respected ladies or to small children.

As said before, this is only an example of an Email Marketing business plan, as we can offer a resembling strategy for any kind of company or domain. Just call us for a price quotation, and we would be happy to talk about the details of our collaboration.

Email marketing is a highly successfully online marketing strategy which consecutively achieves high results from a target audience, when applicable content is used at the right time to capture the attention of prospective clients or consumers. Microsoft takes advantage of this marketing method by sending out over 20 million marketing emails every month.

Delve into the different types of email marketing to see which will be best suited for you and your business. In return we will ensure you get the best offer out there.

A Variety of Email Marketing Options

To many the terminology "email marketing" triggers illustrations of those unexciting sales emails which often pop up in your inbox. However, there are various types of plain text and HTML email marketing solutions available which move away from a direct sales approach but deliver the same outcomes in diverse ways.

Catalogue HTML Emails

In simpler terms, this is an electronic variant of a printed or "hard copy" catalogue or brochure. The aim of this is to stimulate consumers to take advantage of the offers displayed.

HTML Email Newsletter

This serves as a tactic to build and maintain already established relationships with customers by providing them with significant content which customers might be interested in, which ultimately aims to an increase of sales. The content doesn't necessarily have to be directly related to the customers' previously purchased products. An online supermarket may include recipes and content relating to the benefits of different foods.

Quick Announcements

Also refereed to as "post card" emails, which are short and simple and inform customers of special offers and new products. Easy and quick for recipients to scroll through and are usually restricted to a single call-to-action.

HTML email Press Releases

There are a various number of techniques where a client can build a relationships with the media by distributing press releases with their own list of contacts. This method attracts news courage and must adhere to the New Zealand anti-spam regulations which were implemented in 2007.

The Best Email Marketing

Most cost effective email marketing solution available within the creative industry in New Zealand. How does it work :

•We say No to : Hidden Costs

We say No to : Sign Up Fees

We say no to : Monthly Fees

We Say no to : Contracts

We Say Yes to : Our pay as you go scheme

We Say Yes to : Charging only for the emails you send per month

We Say Yes to : Our once off fees for templates


The email marketing solution which we offer consists of a DIY content management system (CMS) for HTML emails and we offer a 99% guarantee delivery rate. Another benefit our the ardent solution is that our system can be coordinated with various social media networks including Facebook. We will link a subscriber form to our system to your Facebook page.

Other features of our CMS include adding email recipients manually or importing a .CSV file exported from your email database. Sophisticated HTML email tracking and a smart tracking system which provides you with the number of recipients whom received the email, the amount of times the HTML email bounced and which email address it was unsuccessfully delivered to. You may also track the amount of recipients which clicked on any of the links and an automatic unsubscribe function.

The best feature of the Ardent solution to email marketing is that it is totally free to sign up. If you are still in doubt, don't delay give our system a trial by signing into our demo account located to the right hand side. Go ahead and explore all the available features. Still not convinced? Keep reading.

Advantages of HTML email Marketing

If your still not convinced that the Ardent Email Marketing Management solution will work for your business, here are the top 10 reason why you should order today!



Use graphics, videos, quizzes, games, music to capture your target audiences' attention.


Measurable results

Monitor click- through rate, conversion rate, routes customers used to arrive at your website and many more in order to measure the success of varies email campaigns.


Global reach

There are no borders when it comes to email marketing, targeted emails reach recipients no matter where you are.


Lower cost

Email marketing campaign costs are 78% less than for traditional marketing hard-copy, print versions sent using direct mail.


Highly personalized

Greet every customer by name, forming rapport with your prospective target audience by personalizing emails sent out.


Faster Response

Direct mail campaigns take 7-12 days to reach prospects, whereas email time taken to receive responses through email marketing campaigns in 1-3 days.


Round the clock marketing

Audience receive updates of offerings even when you are out of the time.

Any one can run an email marketing campaign without complicated resources.

Opt-in or unsubscribe options

Option for customers to unsubscribe from receiving emails, helps you to shortlist quality prospects

Email marketing is a easy and effective way of communicating with prospective customers and a great way to reach target audiences, which when implemented correctly, bring huge benefits to any business. We dare you to try it, go on, see your profits grow.

We have created a tool which can measure the success of your eMarketing Campaign.

You may be thinking, how do I tell if my emails are being opened, or perhaps they are just sitting in the inboxes of your target audience. We have a tool designed to measure how many of your customers have opened the email and how many of them have clicked to action, thereafter tweaks can be made to increase efficiency of your campaign.