UI Designer (User Interface Design), Auckland based Alexander Balanoff

image of UI Designer (User Interface Design), Auckland based Alexander Balanoff

Even though my overall title may be - web designer, I have learnt to adapt and apply different aspects of design. My most recent full-time work experience consists of working on two products, utilizing user interface design;

UI Designer: Web Conferencing & Collaboration Online Web Application - Powow

Powow is the revolutionary new way for people to hold meetings with anyone, any where in the world, at any time. It’s a bespoke, online face-to-face experience that gives you the ability to share ideas in a high-quality, controlled environment that is so much better than an average video conference. Powow allows you can have an online meeting with one person or one hundred, all from your computer. It's easy to use and once you've had a powow you will never want to waste time travelling to another meeting again.

The Powow development team consisted of very talented Java, Flex, and video-compression developers. My role was to improve the user interface design, interaction accessibility, and visual appeal of Powow.

Powow's growth & evolution over the last year has gained traction and interest from many popular and big IT brands around the world, especially in Australasia.

UI Designer: Real-time Data Visualisation Online Web Application - Evidentia

Evidentia's dynamic and intuitive user interface design turns data into knowledge, allowing large quantity of information to be quicklytranslated via a bespoke visual language, putting your data in your hands. Similarly to Powow, my role was to design & improve the user interface design, interaction accessibility, and visual appeal of Evidentia. The biggest hurdle or challenge would be to quickly understand each unique customer business model and visually interpret it into the Evidentia Data Visualisation product and UI.

Below is a reference from Chris Skilton (Business Development Manager for both UI Design products)

“Alex is an exceptional senior UI designer and digital designer. I was teamed with Alex on several projects where I was primarily responsible for the Business Analysis and he was creating software user interface design and artwork. He consistently produced quality outputs that fitted with the corporate guidelines and aligned perfectly with functional specifications. He generally understands business drivers extremely well, and is not afraid to seek confirmation of expected system dynamics if there is any uncertainty. His UI design flair is an extremely rare combination of art and science resulting in software user interface design that look great and can perform well for the user.

During the time we worked together he also made a huge impact on the company’s branding, giving the start-up business a much more professional look, following a theme of “Bleeding Edge Software Development”. As the company's webmaster, Alex totally revamped the look, content and refined SEO of all online marketing collateral. He also updated the templates for business documents, presentations, marketing material, etc. In addition to having excellent business and design skills, Alex has been a great team player. He eagerly participates with the other members of the team, sharing his ideas and expertise. He was always ready to jump in anywhere help was needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alex to any prospective employer. He would be great asset to any company.”
- Chris Skilton, Business Development Manager / BA / PM, Futuretech - September 8, 2010

While in the past, a website was only a method for companies to have an interface with their clients, today, a website is mandatory, whether we are talking about a small business, or about an international company. Moreover, the website has to express an idea, and to give the visitor a pleasant experience. The websites made today must look good, but they must also be perfect from the visual point of view. This leaded to a new web design branch, called UI Design, which is the multitude of techniques used to create an interactive website interface.

UI Design allows us to create incredible sites that can offer a large quantity of information to the viewers. Moreover, the website can be quickly translated in a multitude of languages, so we recommend this kind of website to companies that conduct their businesses at an international level. This way, your company will have a visual identity, which is sometimes more powerful as a marketing tool than any commercial or ad.

The UI Design techniques we apply will create a unique site that is distinguished amongst the websites of your competitors. The complete gamma of services includes web design, advertising, info graphics, branding and ambient. This way, your website will be agile, expressive, defining your performances in the business world. We lead new brands to success, building images and putting a unique print on any initiative.

UI Design is mostly used to create interfaces. Unlike other websites that are based on patterns, websites that look the same as other hundreds of websites on the internet, our designers will make your page unique. In the world of interface design, certain trends developed, and if you want to be a part of the new internet world, you will need such a website. We follow the respective trends, and we make sure that every new site is fashionable. After all, the impression given to a visitor that the site is unique represents the best method to show that your company is professional.

For example, the iOS platform is not something special, but a website based on this theme would look professional. People would associate your website with Apple automatically, and even if your business has nothing to do with the iPhone manufacturer, the subliminal message sent to the brain of the viewer will have an immediate impact.

UI Design allowed us to create many interesting websites lately, and those websites benefit of an increased number of visitors, just because they look great. It is true that a website needs optimization and SEO, but a great start would be to have a good-looking page, and this can be done with the help of a great website made with UI Design.

We can offer you this service for the best price on the market, and considering the fact that your website would be unique, you should see this as an investment on the long term. If you are satisfied with our work, we encourage you to call us whenever you need a new website, as we will offer you the same quality and professionalism for the smallest price in the today’s market.