Senior Web Designer, Auckland based Alexander Balanoff

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Everything changes, including business. The services you offer now might be quite different to what they were 12-months ago. Even subtle differences might open a new client base to you and you need to reflect this in your web design. The general rule-of-thumb is that every 16-18 months your web design should experience some modifications. Even if it is only a simple front-end refresh. The content needs to be up to date or you are missing an opportunity. A web designer will take everything into account, from the web design - ensuring intuitive usability, to optimising the content for higher ranking in search-engine results and maximising your online traffic. Absolutely everything.

Bespoke 'Web Design Process' tailored to suit your digital requirements

Everything starts with us building a detailed understanding of your business. I dig deep to make sure I comprehend all the key factors of your operation and what makes you different. My approach is tailored to suit your precise needs. The service is bespoke, there is no one-size-fits-all approach with my web design. I maintain flexibility at all stages beause I understand that things change so my process cannot be set in stone. I have the track record to prove that I am reliable and cost-effective , take a look at my Portfolio and read what some of my client have to say about me.

There are so many factors within web design in todays online world and some of these can be easily missed. I am a creative web designer & modern technologist with experience across many different industries. I get the detail right for every client and won't miss a thing. Let me handle all of your web design & digital needs.

We benefit of the support of a young team of professionals that are passionate of web design and SEO optimization. Since our first project, we have dedicated our time to solve any problem of our clients, and every finished project means an achievement for us.

Web Design is a process based on understanding the client’s needs before anything else. As we need to analyze and understand what the clients want, the preparation stage of the project is sometimes more important than anything else. Once the project’s details are established, we can begin the work, and we promise you a great site that will have the expected results.

The client needs to draw a sketch of the page, and to tell us about something about the appearance of the future site. Then, we will elaborate a plan, and the projects start according to the specifications.

During the Web Design process, the communication between our specialists and the client must be perfect. Our designers might have some ideas about improving the website even more, and this is why they need to reach you easily to establish the details. Once the website is over, we will help you to get it online, and we will offer support in maintaining and developing the site. We believe in long-term relationships, so we would like you to continue to collaborate with us. A growing site needs constant updates, and sometimes even secondary sites to sustain the main site. As long as you liked our first collaboration, there is no reason for you not to use our services in the future also.

The client can request some Web Design modifications on the website, adjustments and other changes that are offered free by our specialists, in certain conditions.

As we are a professional company, we offer packages and services designed for any type of client or budget. The platforms we use are flexible and performing, so we can offer you the best websites in the shortest time possible. As a good site does not only need a good appearance, but also marketing and optimization, we can offer you complete services with a price reduction. We can even offer consultancy for web strategies, as it is known that today, a good website needs a good strategy in order to be effective.

You will get an evaluation of costs, and certain services could be added or eliminated, so it would suit your budget. You have a multitude of choices at your disposal, as our company can make any kind of website for you, from the simple personal blogs to company’s sites and virtual stores.

The brand of your company must communicate an idea, and this is what we can offer you. We can give you a website with great graphics, using CMS platforms and combinations of modern design techniques used to obtain a clean and valid code.

If you want to find out what other Web Design services we have for you, just contact us for a price quotation and we will answer in the shortest time possible.